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Please review the below information and guidelines that Tioga Medical Center is following from the Center for Disease Control and North Dakota State Health Department in regards to COVID-19.

These are guidelines and recommendations only, individuals with severe and life threatening symptoms should report to the Emergency Department immediately.

Travel Quarantine Orders

  • Essential critical infrastructure workers, as defined by the United States Department of Homeland Security, are exempt from this order.

    Affected individuals are encouraged to fill out the travel form to receive information on how to monitor for symptoms. If you have symptoms and wish to seek medical care, please call before you go in.

  • North Dakota State Health Department’s COVID-19 Survey for Contacts/Travelers from High Risk Countries
    • Complete the survey here.

North Dakota

Tioga Area

  • How to prevent
  • Symptoms
    • COVID-19 Symptoms: What should you do?
      For all life-threatening and severe symptoms, call 911 or present to your nearest emergency room. If able, call ahead to let them know you are coming but do not delay seeking treatment to call.
      If you have no life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19, call (701) 664-3368 choose option 6. Please also complete the survey from ND State Health Department: Click Here
      Most common symptoms: Fever or feeling feverish (chills, sweating), Shortness of breath (severe or not severe), Cough
      Other symptoms: Sore throat, Myalgia (muscle pain or tenderness), Fatigue, Loss of smell or taste
    • Symptoms & Testing (CDC Self-Checker)
  • Higher Risk Individuals
  • What to do if you get sick
  • Testing
    • Testing is being performed at Tioga Medical Center based on provider judgment which may include factors such as the quantity of testing supplies available at that time, patients underlying health risks that are determined by the provider relevant, patient’s job description, a patient has two or more of these symptoms, travel history, close contact history, etc.
      If you are sick and managing symptoms at home:
      1.  Call your medical provider if symptoms worsen or for recommendations on home treatment.
      2. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue, dispose of immediately, wash hands. If no tissue is available, use your           elbow (not hand) and change clothes, if able, and avoid all contact with others.3. Stay home except to seek medical treatment; this includes all household individuals, even if they are not sick.
      4. Limit contact with healthy individuals in your household when possible, create sections with all necessities.
      5. Monitor symptoms and keep a log, including temperature, if possible.
      6. Document when symptoms started and the names of anyone you had close contact with during that time. *close contact is defined as someone you spent 15 minutes or longer within 6 feet of each other.
      7. Document what your symptoms are each day, call 911 or your doctor immediately if symptoms worsen or become life-threatening.
      North Dakota State Health Department COVID-19 Risk Assessment Survey: Click Here
  • Key facts about COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Situation Summary
  • Manage Anxiety and Stress
  • Volunteer Information
  • Tioga Medical Center Press Release COVID19 May 7 2020

Tioga Area Businesses

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Thank you everyone for your corporation, patience, and understanding during this time.

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As Governor Bergum suggests, “Be North Dakota Smart rather than North Dakota Tough” during this time and as a community we will get through this!

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