Independent Living

Tioga Medical Centers’ Independent Living Facility opened in 1998 with 14 apartment complexes. We have operated near or at 100% occupancy since opening. We contribute this to a few reasons:

Apartment Living

Our one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments include full kitchens, spacious bedrooms, large living area, easy to navigate bathrooms, and plenty of storage.


Along with having an apartment all to themselves, residents have the ability to have housekeeping done by our trained staff for a nominal fee. Extra storage is also available for no charge. Our optional single-stall garages offer the safety and security one would require to store a vehicle or other possessions.

Social Life

Spiritual, social, and recreational services are at no charge. Meals come direct to the residents and served hot in our large Commons Area. This allows for one of many social events they can take part in. Puzzles and board games are available in the Commons Area. Residents can take part in weekly spiritual gatherings and recreational activities at the TiogaMedical Center, which is conveniently located down a short hallway.

Safety and Security

Being connected to the Tioga Medical Center, it allows for the safety and security that many people desire. Our video surveillance system allows around the clock security. Our highly advanced fire alarm systems notify hospital personnel immediately upon the arrival of smoke or fire in an apartment. Medical professionals are available around the clock for any emergency need. We also offer medication assistance for any resident who feels they require help with their daily medicines (nominal fee for the service).

Tioga Medical Center believes that the Independent Living apartments allow for an enhanced lifestyle with the ease, comfort, safety, and security that you or your loved ones desire. Contact Tioga MedicalCenter for an application.