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Tioga Fire and Ambulance Department is strictly a volunteer program. If it weren’t for volunteers, three-fourths of the United States would be without adequate fire and emergency medical protection. 


This business is not for everyone; you need courage, dedication, and the willingness to learn new skills to conquer new and diverse challenges. If you feel as though you meet that criteria, join our team!


Contacting TFAD

Randall Pederson - (701) 664-5757
Nathan Germundson - (701) 641 - 5298



If you desire to make a difference in peoples’ lives and believe that you have what it takes

to meet the challenges, join the team that protects the lives and homes in Tioga

and the surrounding communities.

Our volunteers consist of people just like you, men and women of all ages,

from all walks of life. They give back to their community by donating themselves,

their time, talent, care, and concern.

Firehouse Gear

Over 100 years of


We have the know-how you need.

President - Nathan Germundson
Vice President - Brodie Odegaard
Secretary - Danny McGinnity
Treasurer - Randall Pederson

Meeting Room Reservations

Tioga Fire and Ambulance allows the use of the meeting room in the Fire Hall for use by the community for different events or meetings.

If you have a date you would like to reserve please contact
Randy Pederson at (701) 664-5757 or send an email to

· Meeting Times are subject to change
· The meeting requests are subject to approval and TFAD reserves the right to refuse any or all meeting requests
· It is the responsibility of the requesting parties to respect all property and equipment

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