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Introducing our new Hospital DON, Lindsay Lehman!

We are pleased to introduce Lindsay Lehman, RN, BSN, as the new Director of Hospital Nursing! Lindsay assumed the role in April.

Lindsay has extensive nursing experience having worked in Minot, Fargo and Las Vegas in various specialties including medical/surgical, ICU, NICU and cancer care. She’s spent the last three years providing compassionate, patient-centered care at Tioga Medical Center.

“My passion is direct patient care and collaborating with families and providers for the best possible patient outcomes,” says Lindsay. Additionally, Lindsay is focused on growth and education within her team. "We have an awesome team of hospital/ER nurses and CNAs invested in Tioga and the surrounding communities. The same nurses worked at Tioga Medical Center from the time I was a little kid to the time I left for college, and that is what we are in the process of building once again. We also have a group of local providers and ambulance services in Tioga, Ray and Powers Lake that are extremely involved in the care that is provided here and that is really something special.”

Lindsay, her husband, Blake, a member of the North Dakota Air National Guard, and their two boys live north of Battleview on Lindsay’s family farm.

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