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Tioga Medical Center Foundation

August of 2021 will mark 68 years since the construction of the Tioga Clinic began, which paved the path for a hospital, nursing home, independent living, and two satellite clinics that make Tioga Medical Center today. When we look at the development of these services and facilities, there is one common factor, the community. As early as 1952, community members recognized the need for medical care in Tioga to save people time and money and ultimately ensure better health. Over the years, as Tioga needed more health services, community members and local businesses endorsed and supported the growth through volunteering and monetary donations. They knew how beneficial it was to have Tioga Medical Center.

Today Tioga Medical Center is proud to continue providing medical care for Tioga and surrounding communities. As they did back then, we recognize now the growing need for additional services at Tioga Medical Center and continue to bring those services to those who need them. We have brought several specialty providers to our clinic and surgical suite in recent years, including; cardiology, general surgery, orthopedics, podiatry, pediatric oral surgery, and urology.

With the advancement of services come additional challenges to Tioga Medical Center, so Tioga Medical Center is excited to announce the revival of the Tioga Medical Center Foundation. Through the foundation, we hope to connect with community members and local businesses in facilitating open conversations about what is important to you, your family, and your business. This partnership will guide Tioga Medical Center with its mission: to address the community's health care needs by providing quality health care and promoting education and wellness.

We are excited to announce the first event of the newly revived foundation is the first annual Tioga Medical Center Foundation Swing for Good Health Golf Scramble. Our golf outing will take place at the Tioga Country Club on Friday, June 18, 2021. The goal of the golf tournament is to raise money for the foundation that will support education, advancement of services, and community wellness programs at Tioga Medical Center.

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